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We are an IT Solutions Provider that can help you solve your problems in a flash! We Specialize In:

VoIP & Telephony Solutions

Are you looking for a new phone system or need help with an existing system? PBX Geek has you covered! …

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Networking Support

Running a network is common in today’s business world. We can help you with any issues, changes, upgrades, and installations …

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Website & Server Setups

Want to host your own WordPress, Forum, or website on a VPS? We can set it all up! We can …

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Network Storage & Backups

Network Storage (NAS) and Backup Solutions. We can help you purchase the right solution, or build one for you. We …

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Security Testing

Offensive Penetration Testing to test your network security. We can also get a list of your services to check for …

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Retro Gaming Solutions

Relive your childhood memories with a Raspberry Pi 3b+ (or other) custom system! We sell the device + labor for …

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Providing Top Notch Customer Service

We know that customer service is paramount and treat our customers like they are #1.

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