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Are you looking for a new phone system or need help with an existing system? PBX Geek has you covered!

Go A-La-Cart w/ FreePBX or save on licensing with a PBXact! More info Here

We sell and support Sangoma PBX Solutions In the cloud, or on-premise – we can get you the solution that is right for you! We can start off with a few phones, or 100s of devices. We can provide the best solution that meets your needs.

Sleek and Powerful phones, from simple layouts to many programmable keys and even side-cars for receptionists:

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What makes us different from the competition? We provide a personalized approach for each customer. We will customize a setup that fits your specific needs…unlike the others who have a cookie-cutter design! Asterisk is the leading open-source soft-switch technology. It can do everything most phone service providers offer, and can be customized to anything your imagination desires (with some coding skills of course!).

Every new system comes with installation, training material, number porting (LNP) assistance, and post 30-days of support after going live!

Just give us a call @ (951) 253-3375 or Contact Us to give you a free quote!

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