Website & Server Setups

Want to host your own WordPress, Forum, or website on a VPS? We can set it all up!

We can set you up with a Virtual Private Server (VPS), Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM), or other setups! Don’t waste your money on expensive hosting fees, you can maintain your own VPS server with multiple services for much less!

We can help you setup a domain name (i.e. or another preferred vendor), and setup your DNS*. Once we have that, we’ll help you setup a VPS/KVM**. From there, we’ll configure WordPress, a Forum…whatever you need! We’ll show you the quick basics of how to access the interfaces and admin panels (training options are available for systems that we are familiar with – please ask!). Then, you’ll be up and running with your own system in no-time!

We can setup systems for all kinds of implementations. We are Linux & Mac OS X savy, and have used Windows generally for many years (We love our *NIX based systems!). We’ve setup masternodes for cryptocoins, websites, and many other personal explorations in to the Open Source Software World (GitHub & Others)!

*Domain & DNS Setups are setup and paid for by you – You can sign up and give us the login credentials, or we can log in and do it for you. You would have to provide payment information (we will then provide the login credentials). Please be aware that you will be responsible for the renewal charges through the direct vendor. We’ll go over how to log in and do all this stuff! You can choose to use auto-renew, or manually renew it when you get the notification.
**VPS/KVM are also setup and paid for by you. We can log in and do it for you just like the Domain & DNS setups if you wish, or you can sign up and provide us with the login information. Please be aware that you will be responsible for the monthly service fees. How much these are depends on the VPS/KVM plan that you purchase.

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