Company Information

PBXGeek is located in Lake Elsinore, California.
Most services and support are provided as a remote service. However, On-site services may be available for those in the Southern California area.

My name is Paul Hassold and I’m the entrepreneur that is running this business. I’ve been in the IT Industry since I got out of highschool. Have an Associates Degree in ‘Information Technology Networking’ and have over 15 years of professional experience in the industry. In the last 10 years, I’ve been specializing in VoIP communications, networking, and system administration.

I’m happy to discuss any technology project with you to see how I can help accomplish your goals! If you need a custom phone system or project setup – Home or Small Business NAS, or File/Media Server storage solutions? Need a Retro-Gaming Jukebox to relive your childhood memories perhaps? Maybe something else that’s tech-related but you don’t know who else to ask? I’m your guy!

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